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Thin Blue Line Community CIC

Thin Blue Line Community CIC works with schools, colleges and youth organisations to deliver forensics and citizenship workshops, programmes and experience days which are individually designed to meet the needs of the students at all key-stage levels from primary school through to further education.


We deliver fun and engaging programmes and workshops carefully designed to give a unique insight into the world of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigations while showing students how and why they should aim to lead a good life of Citizenship in their communities.


Students will have fun while learning about the history of forensics from the early days of Dr. Edmond Locard, “The Sherlock Holmes of France”, through to the modern-day skills that have developed through scientific advancement. 


They will learn about the various evidence types that are found at a crime scene and the methods used to locate, recover, package and store such evidence along with the techniques used by scientists to interrogate and analyse its for use as evidence in court proceedings. 

Our programmes are enriched with guest speakers and external visits. The Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) principles are built into and delivered in our programmes in addition to learning about the following important and transferable skills:


Our Programmes are well-balanced between classroom, theory and hands-on teaching, ensuring maximum enjoyment and fun whilst remaining focussed on teaching new and transferable skills.

An example of some of the modules we offer in the programme include:

We adopt a holistic approach and work with each organisation to ensure our programmes are completely bespoke. 

Everything is designed to be age appropriate and meet the needs of all, leaving nobody behind.

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