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What is an Investigation?

An investigation is a fact-finding exercise to collect all the relevant  information on a matter. A properly conducted investigation can enable an employer to fully consider the matter and then make an informed decision on it. Making a decision without completing a reasonable investigation can make any subsequent decisions or actions unfair, unlawful, and leave an employer vulnerable to legal action and reputational damage. 

The role of an Investigator

An investigator should be an appropriately trained individual who carries out an investigation, or elements of it, during the course of the investigative process.


The role of an investigator is to be fair and objective so that they can establish the essential facts of the matter and reach a conclusion on what did, or did not, happen. An investigator should do this by looking for evidence that supports the allegation and evidence that contradicts it. In potential disciplinary matters, it is not an investigator’s role to prove the guilt of any party, but to investigate if there is a case to answer.

Thin Blue Line® Investigations?

Investigations are serious matters and impact all persons concerned. It is important our clients have peace of mind, confidence and trust in Thin Blue Line to provide them with the best investigative services and experience.


Our investigations are conducted lawfully, and all evidence collected is admissible for use in any resulting proceedings whether it be the HR Department or within Courts and Tribunals.


We conduct our investigations with due regard to the personal wellbeing of everybody concerned. We take seriously our overarching duty of care and will, where required, take all reasonable steps to ensure we safeguard everybody involved in the investigation.


What is our Investigative Process?

It is important to understand that no two investigations are the same. Whilst we use the following process in all our enquiries, some investigations may require deviation in order to maximise investigational output and meet investigation objectives:


  • The client (or their representative) contacts us requesting that we investigate a matter, providing us with a brief synopsis.
  • We will conduct a scoping meeting (in-person or online) in order to discuss deadlines, available evidence, client aims and objectives, scope of enquiry, limitations and costs.
  • We will provide the client with an Investigation Strategy, Contract and Estimate.
  • Enquiries commence ensuring Investigation Strategy objectives are met. An investigation Progress Report is submitted to the client every 28 days. Should we require a significant deviation or spend, we will call an immediate case conference with the client. (The client can call a case conference at any time).
  • On completion, a draft Final Report is submitted and discussed with the client.
  • The Final Report, along with all evidence, is submitted to the client.


Who Requires Investigations?

Investigations are not carried out by the police alone, there are many sectors that require investigations to be carried out in the normal day-to-day running of their business.

The types of clients we work with come from a wide range of sectors including, but not limited to:


  • Banks or Financial Institutions
  • Workplace & H.R. Departments
  • Insurance companies
  • Solicitors, Barristers, Law Firms
  • Health and Safety
  • Security Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Education

Background Checks

We carry out a wide range of Background Checks including


  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Credit Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Due Diligence
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Employee Vetting
  • Know Your Customers
  • Nanny/Au Pair Checks
  • Pre-Marital Background Checks

Investigative Services & Techniques

Our Investigative Services & Techniques are wide ranging, and include:


  • 360° Photography (Virtual Tours) – we scan and capture accurate and real life scenes and can embed hotspots which contain images, film footage/CCTV, statements & documents. Perfect for use in court to help the judge and jury get a better understanding of the bigger picture while you walk them through the scene.
  • Aerial Photography & Mapping through use of Drones, Maps & Charts
  • Video & Film Footage
  • Still Photography – Photographic Supplements
  • Covert/Overt Surveillance Techniques
  • Statement taking (Victim, Witness, Continuity, Expert Witness, etc)
  • Collection & Recovery of all evidence types (CCTV, Documents, Audio, Physical)
  • Sketch Plans drawn to scale
  • Plus any other Investigative Service the client might require

Investigations We Undertake

Reasons to use a Private Investigator

Individuals and Organisations use external Private Investigators for a number of reasons. They may wish the investigation to be investigated externally and independently due to the individuals involved and the positions they hold within the organisation.


They may not wish to go to the police for PR reasons and to mitigate any reputational damage should it become public but they require a full investigation report that is capable of standing up to scrutiny and fit for use in any internal proceedings.


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