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Bringing the secret world of forensic science to life to put yourself to the test.

Have you ever sat watching your favourite crime drama on TV and thought “They are taking far too long to work out who the criminal is?” You shout at the TV and tell your friends the next day, who all agree that they could do a better job.

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Book on to one of our Forensic Experience Days to put your theories to the test.


Specialists in Forensic Experience Days

Calling on over 100 years of experience between all our trainers, working as a forensic specialists in military and home office police forensic investigations units, we bring fun, interactive education programmes and experience days to your workplace, school or college.

Corporate Experiences, Leaning Evidence Fun Interactive CSI CIC

We build custom experiences that your staff will love.

Our corporate and workplace workshops incorporate Leadership, Team Building and Problem Solving skills in a fun way with plenty of healthy competition involved. No more boring or cringe-worthy away days.

Holiday Workshops for Young Minds!

It’s not all about the adults! We also offer workshops for young people during the school holidays. It’s a perfect way to keep them entertained and happy in a productive way during the break. Just don’t tell them they’ll be learning while they’re enjoying themselves.


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Karl Starkey
Thin Blue Line

Our programmes and workshops deliver the principles of Forensic Science and Citizenship in a fun and interactive environment with the following key outcomes:


  • Enhance skills in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (S.T.E.M.)
  • Raising awareness of, and reducing risk of becoming involved in crime
  • Introduction to, and development of key life skills such as (and not limited to) British & Core Values, Public-speaking, Communication and Teamwork


We hope you agree that by using this approach through Corporate Social Responsibility, we’ll all play our part to help children and young people while making the communities we live in, better and safer for all.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A percentage of all profits from our corporate events and activities are utilised to enable more young people and communities to access the programmes offered by the CIC. In this way, we will all play our part within the community through Corporate Social Responsibility to help our children and young persons while making the communities we live in better and safer for all.

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