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The Ultimate Team-Building Day

Corporate Team-Building Days! Every business has them and, let’s be honest, the majority of staff dread them.


Most people hear that they’re going to a “Team-Building” or “Corporate Day out of the office” and they immediately groan, expecting to be stuck in a meeting room in a hotel being talked at or passing balloons to each other between the knees. Oh the Joys of “Forced Fun”.


Instead, imagine being given the chance to become a real life detective or Crime Scene Investigator for the day. Would you like to find out if you could be the next Gil Grissom from CSI or Nikki Alexander from Silent Witness?


All this fun while unbeknown to your people… they are building vital transferable skills they will be taking back to the office with them which will reflect in their performance and ultimately improve the business output.

Well, now you and your team can do just that, and put your skills to the test to solve a crime.

Do something different

Take part in one of our Unique Murder Mystery & Digital Hunt Experiences. You and your team will spend the day having fun while taking part in a carefully plotted mystery. We’ll set the scene and provide you with the riddles and puzzles you will need to solve if you are to get into the Digital Hunt and start collecting vital clues and evidence needed to solve the crime.

While having fun, you and your team will be tested and developed in skills that are transferable back into the workplace such as:


  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Critical and Lateral Thinking
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Working Under Pressure
  • Confidence
  • Public Speaking


Think you’re up to the challenge?



There’s only one way to find out!

We bring the scene to you

The great thing about team-building days is that you can come to us, or we can bring it to you. So if you’ve already booked a venue for your team-building day, or you want to hold it in your business premises, it couldn’t be easier.


Of course, if you fancy a visit to the World Famous City of Liverpool to take in the amazing sights while taking part in the Digital Hunt, then we have that covered too.


Our team-building days can be delivered over a whole day, a half day, or we can even deliver multi-day packages to include other interesting things such as leadership workshops where we work with your people getting them to understand themselves and their colleagues better through DISC® Analysis and understanding our Learning and Leadership styles.


We will work with you to design a bespoke team-building day fit for the needs of your organisation and people.


Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to having a fun team-building day, you will be supporting our Community Engagement projects and initiatives.


We donate 25% of the profits from your team-building day to Thin Blue Line® Community CIC, our Social Enterprise Non-profit which will help fund vital programs and workshops in our community Schools, Colleges and Youth Groups. These help reduce the risk of children becoming involved in crime or coming into contact with the Criminal Justice System.


You will be able to:

  • Nominate a school, college or youth group of your choosing to receive the program or workshop
  • Be officially named the sponsor of the program or workshop
  • Be recognised through advertisement, and any awards ceremonies that come from the program or workshop

Upgrade Options

Contact us to discuss upgrading your bespoke designed package to include more fun and exciting additional extras.