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September 18, 2023

Bringing the secret world of forensic science to life to put yourself to the test.

As corporate experience days have become more and more popular, businesses are looking for unique experiences to bring to their staff that still provide team building, collaboration and learning opportunities.

A CSI experience day is just what you need if you’re looking for a fun, interactive and unusual experience that you’ll be talking about long after the fingerprint dust has cleared.

Most people are well aware of TV shows such as CSI, Silent Witness and Dexter and will no doubt have boasted “I’d have worked it out well before them”. Well, the CSI Experience days can put that to the test. 

CSI Experience Day

CSI experience days are a fantastic interactive way for businesses to bring all staff together to work in teams, using forensic techniques they’ve been shown such as fingerprint and evidence collection to solve a crime.

Designed to make even the most introverted team members channel their inner Sherlock, CSI experience days bring the best out of everyone as they use their investigation skills to find the perpetrator. 

These experience days are a novel way to get teams to utilise the individual strengths of each member to analyse all of the available evidence and get to the bottom of the crime, all while having fun.

Teamwork, collaboration and good communication are vital to the team’s success and everyone will come away with many transferable skills.

These immersive, interactive and fun experiences are carefully created and delivered by ex-forensics officers, so you’ll really get the full experience of what it’s like to be a CSI officer and analyse a crime scene. 

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Thin Blue Line also takes money raised from our corporate experience days to fund programmes and workshops in schools under our CiC, this allows corporations who book any events with us to fulfil their corporate responsibility commitments as they can nominate a school for the funding to go to. 

CSI Experience days are a fun, collaborative event designed to improve on the monotonous corporate away days of old. 

Your event will be enjoyed, and remembered…

Until you book the next one. 

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