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Bringing the secret world of forensic science to life

"Building Safer and Equitable Communities"

Welcome to Thin Blue Line® Group. Bringing together many decades of experience within Policing Operations, Investigations, Forensics and the UK Armed Forces, we offer our clients the highest quality of products and services in all our operations;

  • Thin Blue Line® Events
  • Thin Blue Line® Investigations
  • Thin Blue Line® Training

Everything we do is ultimately driven towards achieving our Social Value goals and objectives which is working with children and young people in our communities. We do this through our Social Enterprise Non-profit company, Thin Blue Line® Community CIC

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Book on to one of our Team-building Events and put your People to the Ultimate Test while developing those Essential Skills.

Thin Blue Line® Events

We deliver unique Team-building Events. These are bespoke designed and delivered to help your organisation with the Recruitment, Development, and Retention of a Strong and Resilient workforce.

We do this while developing essential transferable skills required in your workplace such as:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Critical and Lateral Thinking
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Working Under Pressure
  • Confidence
  • Public Speaking

What are the benefits?

Investing in your People with team-building is proven to improve in areas such as:


  • Employee health
  • Team engagement
  • Productivity
  • Staff morale, and
  • Lowering rates of sickness and absence.

School Holiday Clubs

It’s not all about the adults! Thin Blue Line® Community CIC offers workshops for children and young people during the school holidays. It’s a perfect way to keep them entertained and happy in a productive way during the break. Just don’t tell them they’ll be learning while they’re enjoying themselves.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We donate 25% of the profits from your team-building days and from all Operations across Thin Blue Line® Group to Thin Blue Line® Community CIC to give all children, young people and communities the opportunity to access the Life Saving and World Changing programs and workshops we offer. This way we can all play our part within the community through Corporate Social Responsibility, to develop our children and young people while making the communities we live Better and Safer For All.

Our programmes and workshops deliver the principles of Forensic Science and Citizenship in a fun and interactive environment with the following key outcomes:


  • Enhance skills in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (S.T.E.M.)
  • Raising awareness of, and reducing risk of becoming involved in crime
  • Introduction to, and development of key life skills such as (and not limited to) British & Core Values, Public-speaking, Communication and Teamwork

We hope you agree that by using this approach through Corporate Social Responsibility, we’ll all play our part to help children and young people while making the communities we live in, better and safer for all.


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"We welcomed Karl and his team from the 'Thin Blue Line Group Limited' into our veterans NAAFI Break in Nov 22. From the outset, Karl was engaging, extremely organised, and was able to facilitate a large group. The session itself was fantastic, a perfect blend of theory and interactive activities, some of which was the first time any of our members would have been given an opportunity to delve into the world of CSI. The equipment and administration were top class and everyone had an opportunity to have a go, everyone enjoyed getting involved and loved the session. Karl really captured everything we asked for and we look forward to working with the 'Thin Blue Line Group Limited' in the future. Thank you Karl. *Everton Veterans Hub*"
Nikki McGee
Everton in the Community

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